Step by Step Instructions

Here are some steps to guide you as you order your beautiful stationery!!


1. On our website, click "Stationery" (

2. Choose the pattern you want :) You can either scroll down to browse all of the patterns, or you can select a pattern collection on the left side.

3. Once you've chosen a pattern, you'll be redirected to the customization steps! First, you get to design the note side. If you don't want to add a monogram to this side, simply click "no" under custom monogram and skip to step 5. Monograms are an additional $5. 

4. If you do want to add a monogram, choose a style/font, pick a color, and enter your monogram text into the text box. Then, take a look at the preview generator to make sure you LOVE what you see!

5. Time to design the pattern side! Again, you get to choose if you want to add a monogram. If you don't want to add one, click "no" under custom monogram and skip to step 7. Monograms are an additional $5. 

6. If you add a monogram, choose a background shape, background fill, and a style/font! 

7. Continue to step 3 and choose your envelope liner. If blank is the only liner showing, that is because it's the only liner available! We are currently sold out of custom liners and we don't know when they'll be back, so hang tight! We're working on making these better than ever :)

8. Click "Add note to cart", then make sure all of the details look great before proceeding to checkout!

9. Checkout and Voila!! We will get started on that order right away :) If you need help with checkout, see our step by step instructions for our Notebooks!


We hope you LOVE your new stationery!

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